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The tortoise is a Celestial creature that has been extensively used as a feng shui remedy.  The tortoise is Placed in a north Direction. The tortoise not only saves you from unnecessary activities and unsuccessful attempts, but also gives you protection. It is used as a remedy That ensures mental Peace & the good health, & it shows you the path to continuous success. The tortoise enables you to overcome all types of adverse situations. It ensures that you do not lose heart or break under pressure in times of troubles.  His corner of the bagua represents earned income, such as from a job or business, and support for career & Business Endeavours .
When this element is present, the relaxation come which is absolutely Supported, protected which brings a good fortune as well. They provide protection against malevolent forces and misfortune. Having the tortoise in your home is very well for making money and having many opportunities. It also represents longevity.

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